Religious Institutions

A place of worship is more than just a building – it is the cornerstone of every community.

Places of religious worship are considered by all to be “special”. However, they are unfortunately not immune to the problems of the world, as their exposure and accessibility make them more vulnerable to accidents and property damage than most.

In most cases, the community has, for many years, saved and contributed towards the religious institution and its ongoing maintenance costs. Should a disaster strike, having the right cover in place would eliminate (or reduce) the financial consequences that the community would face during times of need.

In today’s legal system, religious non-profits are treated just like any other business. It is therefore of great importance to protect these investments by having adequate cover in place for the buildings, contents, liabilities, vehicles, money, and equipment for perils, such as fire and theft.

The product we provide is designed to give you more of the important covers you need in one convenient, competitively-priced package. We have extended coverage in key areas, and included many extensions that other companies consider “extras” at no additional charge, so that you get better cover without contributing more.

"A place of worship is a safe place dedicated to the purification and refinement of all human beings"

Some of the enhancements include

Section of Cover:

Value-Added Services

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