At Takaful, we understand that it is essential to arrange a solution that helps to protect customers’ businesses and minimise their exposure to risk. The types of cover required will, of course, vary, depending on the nature of the business, its size and structure, and the industry to which it belongs.

While we may not be able to ensure that their production line runs smoothly or handle their difficult customers, we can definitely remove the stress of not knowing whether they are covered sufficiently or correctly!

We provide a comprehensive range of business and commercial solutions to meet business owners’ needs, coupled with an experienced and dedicated claims team who are skilled in the management of complex commercial claims.

The business sector of the South African economy is a vibrant and dynamic one, embracing the ever-changing demands of the local and international markets. As a South African business, Takaful is proud to be part
of our growing commercial and industrial markets, and to be there as a key partner with a reputation for providing service excellence and integrity.


Covers are available for buildings, contents, stock, and business interruption.

Within property, we also cater for the specific needs of body corporates.


Offers a comprehensive motor package for all types of business, including motor fleets.

Motor personal accident.


Public liability where limits can be tailored to meet customers’ requirements.

Goods in Transit

Extensive cover to businesses with goods-carrying commercial vehicles.

Loss or damage to goods in transit by road, rail, air, and post.

Electronic Equipment

Equipment owned or leased, such as computers and printers.

Fidelity Guarantee

Cover against theft, loss, or fraud by employees.

Accident & Health

Cover for accidental bodily injury.
Group personal accident.
Stated benefits.

Business All Risk

Loss or damage to tools, equipment, and spare parts.

Business Interruption

Comprehensive cover for loss of profits following loss caused by an insured peri.

Accounts Receivable

Loss or damage to books of account or other business books or records.


Loss or damage to contents as a result of theft or attempted theft.

We are committed to integrity and transparency, as well as the creation of long term partnerships based on trust and respect. 

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