Motor Traders

Shariah Compliant Cover

Motor Traders Takaful

Motor Traders Takaful is designed to protect business owners, employees and customers alike – specifically in the motor trade sector, for motoring-related damages

Motor Traders Takaful refers to damages that you are liable to pay following an incident that occurs in the course of, or in connection with, your business, and that involves clients’ vehicles or vehicles forming part of your stock.

This specialist cover is designed specifically for members of the motor trade industry – such as car dealerships and motor repairers – and extends to cover damage to customers’ vehicles, either at or away from your premises.

  • Internal liabilities – damage caused to a vehicle that forms part of your vehicle stock. Damage must result from a collision on your premises involving the vehicle, or from using a mechanical hoist or lift in your vehicle service area on your premises.
  • External liabilities – loss of, or damage to, a vehicle that forms part of your vehicle stock, where the incident occurs away from your premises.
  • Third party damages – damages caused to a third party that you are liable to pay.


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Shariah Compliant Cover