Risk is an undeniable fact of life. It enters into the equation the instant you start your life. And today that risk is greater than ever. In an environment that is as unpredictable as it is dynamic, you can no longer be certain that even a trip to the corner café will be safe.

At Takaful Africa (Pty) Ltd we appreciate how much time and perseverance it took to build up your possessions. You can count on us to devote the same skill and dedication to protecting it.

We have made it our business to find a way to ensure that your possessions are protected in a Shariah Compliant manner. Now, we will make it our business to understand your requirements when it comes to protecting those possessions. We have adopted stringent codes to establish delivery standards that meet the needs of each individual client. We further commit to maintaining these standards by constantly measuring our performance to ensure consistent client satisfaction.

The result is service delivery that is tangible, transparent and measurable.

This attentiveness to service, coupled with our ability to structure a product to protect your property in a Shariah Compliant way, will enable us to be a flag bearer in the Islamic Economic environment

Reputation is a pricless asset

We are committed to integrity and transparency, as well as the creation of long-term partnerships based on trust and respect. To fulfill our mission we have developed strategic relationships to ensure that Takaful Africa (PTY) Ltd is a sound, well managed company.

Our partners include:
  • Bryte Insurance Company South Africa

Bryte Insurance Company South Africa is a subsidiary of the Canadian based Fairfax, a leading global insurance provider operating in global and local markets. The Group employs about 55,000 people and serves customers in more than 170 countries.

As a leading insurer in South Africa, Bryte provides top tier products comprising Corporate, Commercial, Small and Medium Enterprises, Personal Lines and other specialist insurance products and propositions. This extensive product offering is coupled with a service approach not only to meet customer needs, but to exceed them at all touch points.

Shariah Compliant Cover

We have established a strong reputation and are committed to SAVING YOU MONEY on your contributions

What People Say About Us

Thanks to Takaful for providing a great Shariah Compliant product. The experience with you has been nothing short of amazing. Keep up the good work guys

Zaheer Seedat